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If you enjoy researching global issues, learning about different countries' perspectives, and debating then joining our conference as a delegate is perfect for you! Delegates will choose up to three issues that they are most interested in debating and will be assigned to a country and committee focused on that issue such as WHO or UNICEF. Official registration for delegates opens Dec. 4th and pre-registration can be found here.


Executive Board

The Executive Board is the group of students who leads committees. They moderate the debate on one particular issue, select delegates for awards, and give feedback and guidance for students who are debating.


Organizing Committee

The Secretariat organizes the conference itself, including delegate affairs, IT affairs, public relations, event coordination, academics, and more. This student staff is the core of YIS and works closely together to make our organization efficient and impactful.


Leadership Positions

Our leadership team is the group of students who coordinate the conference and organizational operations on a global scale. Open positions include Director of Media and IT, Directors of Conference Operations, and Regional Directors for each continent. The Executive Director, Secretary General, and Director General represent the leadership of the staff along with the Director of Finance and Outreach as well as our amazing Chiefs of Staff.


International Press

Our incredible International Press Team uses press conferences, interviews, creative writing, and editing skills to report on the issues discussed at the conference. Editors coordinate the team and publications, journalists write articles and conduct interviews, and caricaturists create illustrations of global issues, all of which is published in our newsletter.

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