YISMUN Staff Applications - Due Oct. 28

If you would like to be part of the YISMUN team, registration for our January Organizing Committee (OC) and Executive Board (EB) can be found in the LINK BELOW! The Secretariat, or Organizing Committee, refers to the students who lead the conference through administrative roles. The Secretariat is responsible for promoting the conference, managing delegate allocations, designing material for social media, and answering any questions! Admin duties also include leadership positions, reviewing study guides, and managing various programs and projects. We welcome all applications from all skill sets and experience levels. The Executive Board, or the Chairs, are the students responsible for the success of each individual committee structure. They prepare background guides and research material for the delegates, and moderate the debate during the conference. They also answer delegate questions (teaching MUN debate guidelines in our ROP sessions) and advocate for the YISMUN conference. Experience with MUN is necessary to be a chair, and we welcome applications from around the world! Best of luck to you all and hope to see you in January!