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Welcome to the Youth International Summit!

The Youth International Summit (YIS) is a global, student-led organization which hosts Model United Nations conferences to debate and discuss solutions to global issues. We also host workshops, student programs, and especially leadership opportunities for students through our Staff, Executive Board, and Campus Ambassador Program. Students around the world have been affected by COVID-19, and our education has shifted quickly from classroom-based to online. We can all agree that it has been hard adjusting to zoom classes and virtual exams. In light of this, we at Youth International Summit have decided to take advantage of the situation; since students around the globe are already attending virtual school, international events that would have been next-to-impossible in person (like conference, workshops, and networking) can now be done easily online. Our events are free, open to students of all ages, and operate in over 100 countries worldwide. Thanks for checking out our website and we are so excited to have you here with us!


Be a Part of the Youth International Summit!



Research, Debate, and Resolve Global Issues in Conference


International Press

Use Journalism and Design to Report on Global Issues in our Newsletter

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Plan, Promote, and Lead Workshops on Topics of your Choice

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Board of Directors

Coordinate Global Outreach, Partnerships, and YIS Initiatives


United Nations Recognition

YISMUN is honored to announce that we have been officially in contact with and recognized by the United Nations! We appreciate your support, and we hope to continue hosting many future conferences for passionate global students like you all.

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